TAHA and sustainability

For the health of our planet, and the health of generations to come.

TAHA Health & Nutrition uses dairy protein from grass-fed, free-range cows in New Zealand. New Zealand's traditional farming practices create dairy products with a lower carbon footprint than most other dairy-producing countries in the world. Our products are also certified net carbon zero by Toitū Envirocare.

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Yah we are net carbon zero!

Toitū net carbon zero

We are proud to announce that all TAHA products' are certified carbon zero by Toitū net carbon zero product certification. Toitū net carbon zero certification verifies that our products’ greenhouse gas emissions have been measured in accordance with ISO 14067:2018. It shows we are committed to managing and reducing the emissions, and we will neutralize the remaining unavoidable emissions through carbon credits.

Our net carbon zero journey


We work with Toitū Envirocare - to calculate the entire carbon footprint of our proteins from field to beyond.


We partner with New Zealand farmer co-op, Fonterra, who utilizes third party companies to validate their on-farm, manufacturing and finished product quality standards. They also measure the carbon footprint of their dairy products.


What we can’t eliminate, we offset with Toitū verified high-quality carbon credits from international sources. The projects that we support generate carbon credits through either reducing or avoiding the production of emissions.

Fair Trade

We also support Fair Trade projects when they are available, which means that they project meet extra requirements such as Fairtrade Minimum Price and Fair Trade premium which offers an additional sum for the community involved to put towards climate adaptation activities. Supporting Fair Trade initiatives means not only carbon reduction, but also helping to create stronger, more empowered communities.


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