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Exceptional nutrition for your health, the health of our planet, and the health of generations to come.

Our mission is to create goodness for generations through sustainable dairy-based active lifestyle nutrition. We do that by formulating our products with premium, natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

This is a stunning photo looking through some branches at Diamond Lake, which is near Wanaka, New Zealand. The lake perfectly reflects the hills, snowy mountains, and blue sky above.

About TAHA

Our story

Health and wellness supplements, especially protein powders + bars, are often positioned as things that can enhance your strength and the way you look. Content and campaigns created by brands mirror an active lifestyle, yet “active” always tends to look the same.

At TAHA, we don’t care what activity you’re doing or what you use our products for, we actually care about YOU. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to embrace their natural energy and experience that breath of fresh air feeling each day. That’s why we created our complete, grass-fed sustainable proteins. Not simply for muscle building or #gains, but to be a pure, simple catalyst for looking and feeling YOUR most complete.

Whether you're taking a mindful midday walk, on your way to the gym, or just trying to find your best way in the world, TAHA Health & Nutrition is here to serve your ambitions and help you to reach your personal peak with sustainable energy for the mind, body and soul.

A graphic of a house on a lime background shows arrows pointing to the roof, walls, and foundation, along with Maori sayings and their English meanings.  Title: The house of our health  Point 1: Taha Wairua: Spiritual Wellbeing  Point 2: Taha Hinengaro: Mental Wellbeing  Point 3: Taha Whanau: Family & Social Wellbeing  Point 4: Whenua: Land & Roots Point 5: Taha Tinana: Physical Wellbeing

About TAHA

Our name

Our name “TAHA”, is based on a New Zealand Maori word meaning “perspective” or “part of”. At TAHA, we believe that everyone’s perspective on health and wellness is different, and we embrace the idea that YOUR life should be lived YOUR way. We created TAHA to promote holistic human wellness – both physical and mental, and to become “part of” your wellness routine, whatever that may be. Human wellbeing is grounded in the health of the planet - it directly influences the food that we eat, the air that we breathe and the environment that we need to survive and thrive in. Our ancient, free-range practices in the pastures of New Zealand, coupled with our Toitū Net Carbon Zero offsets, helps to create some of the most sustainable dairy proteins in the world – a major plus for the planet, the animals and us! Our high quality, complete dairy protein supplements build the foundation for holistic health, from the inside out.

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